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Podcast Gravitacija - Miha Goršin - Aleš Ugovšek

📸 Photo credit: Tadej Kreft

The last Gravitacija LIVE! episode was dedicated to the robotics but ended up in metaverse 🤔 Miha and Aleš hosted this time a very special guest Christopher Coomes, roboticist, advisor, innovator and entrepreneur from United States living today in Slovenia. Chris, who was implementing and teaching lean and six sigma strategies all over the world and was working for Google, Caterpillar, Amazon, Ford, Jaguar and more, is today an advisor for innovation programs to the CEO of BTC. Among many interesting things we discussed also about:

🎙 what did Chris learned about Slovenia so far,

🎙 how he sees (industrial) robotics and if robots will take over our work,

🎙 what is an additive manufacturing and how it will change the future of industry,

🎙 where are digital twins useful and

🎙 how are and will NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) be used in metaverse.

🔥 Challenges for Chris were prepared by Erih Arko, Teja Setničar and Janez Križan.


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